Choose Cthulhu 5: The Dunwich Horror Vintage Edition


by Leandro Pinto (Autor), Eliezer Mayor Hernández (Autor), Edward T. Riker (Autor)

Something disturbs the stillness of the isolate town of Dunwich. Rumors about queer events linked to the perturbing Whateley family are rife, and their connection to impious demonic rituals has become the talk of the few denizens that still dwell in the rough mountains of Massachusetts.
Will you be able to solve the enigma of the Whateley family with the aid of your collagues from Miskatonic University? What rites and spells lie on the pages of the feared Necronomicon coveted by the Whateleys? Can you survive the horrors that lurk in the farms and woods of Dunwich?

Choose Cthulhu: The Dunwich Horror is more than just a gamebook based on Howard Philips Lovecraft’s work. Take over the role of the main characters in the original stories by Providence’s Master and face the cosmic horror of THE CTHULHU MYTHOS.

  • Tapa blanda: 126 páginas
  • Editor: Celaeno Books
  • Collection: Choose Cthulhu
  • Language: Inglés
  • ISBN-13: 978-84-18894-28-2

English, Spanish

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