Choose Cthulhu: The Call of Cthulhu Deluxe Edition



by Víctor Conde (Autor), Eliezer Mayor Hernández (Autor), Edward T. Riker (Autor)

It’s the winter of 1926 and ill-fated news reporting the death of your grand-uncle George Gammell Angell, Professor of Semitic Languages in Brown University, arrives on your doorstep. What sort of sinister studies was he involved in? What the hell is that frightful creature, half-dragon, half octopus that appears on a clay object found among his belongings?Will you pluck up the courage to face the secret existence of an ancient cult that worships nightmarish creatures from the confines of time and space? Choose Cthulhu: The Call of Cthulhu is more than just a gamebook based on Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s work. Take over the role of the main characters in the original stories by Providence’s Master and face the cosmic horror of THE CTHULHU MYTHOS.

  • Hardcover: 126 pages
  • Editor: Ediciones Idea; 1st Edition: (December 21st 2018)
  • Colection: Choose Cthulhu
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 8417764089
  • ISBN-13: 978-8417764081

English, Spanish

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