Advanced Choose Cthulhu: Escape from R’lyeh Crowdfunding Edition


Crowdfunding Edition, 477 playeable sections.
Includes 36 cm x 51 cm map (1 side).

A rundown Douglas DC-1 flies over the Pacific Ocean, bound for the remote island of Ponape. Outside, the most violent thunderstorm that you have ever experienced in your life threatens to swallow the twenty passengers that desperately cling onto their seats.
It all started that ill-fated day when you claimed a parcel without a sender, addressed to a mysterious Dr. Doe, that was deposited on your doorstep. It contained a grimoire whose worn-out pages and ophidian smell enraptured you so that unravelling the mysteries within became an obsession.
Bound by mouldy panels supercharged with ungodly secrets, it was there that you first learned the name of the Great Old Ones and their lair: the corpse-city of R’lyeh.
You are now travelling across the world to find the last remaining members of a cult that supposedly understands the obscene rituals described in the grimoire.

Advanced Choose Cthulhu is a collection of gamebooks where YOU are the protagonist. You may hold the reins of a careless group of unfortunate individuals who dare to stand up to the designs of the Great Old Ones. Guide them to redemption, insanity, death or worse. Equipped with two dice, a pencil and a rubber, you are now ready to embark upon this journey into the dark world of H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos.


English, Spanish

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