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Dear cultists,

We are very glad to open this new channel of communication to keep you up-to-date with the hottest news concerning the exciting CHOOSE CTHULHU project. Through this platform we’ll share fresh news, gossips and details about the latest sacrifices of *cough* victi… *cough* friendly contributors for the greatest glory of the Old Ones. Also, we’ll keep you informed of all changes and novelties we’ll add to our crowdfunding campaign, so that you are the first to hear about them.
You can’t fathom the excitement and coming and going taking place here, at our private temple, because the wise ones have gathered and determined that the stars are aligning. The stars will fall into place! The incunabula are trembling to leave the shelves, their pages sing ungodly songs and whisper in the dark, as if alive, and we already miss some librarians that have vanished in strange circumstances. The CHOOSE CTHULHU gamebooks wish to be opened, to be read. Eons-old handwritten texts ooze magic and mystery…
The time is about to come, brothers and sisters! Somewhere in the ocean, the pinnacles of the lost city of R’lyeh almost scratch the surface, making the water boil. And why so? Because it’s time to wake up the Great Old Ones? Nah… It’s because, after all this time, we are finally launching the official crowdfunding campaign for the CHOOSE CHTULHU gamebooks!

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